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Why You Shouldn’t Fear Doing Shrooms for the First Time

Magic mushrooms have been found to be controversial, especially because opinions on the matter have been affected by political intentions and decades of legal rollercoasters. But, there is also no denying that psychedelic mushrooms have played an important role in the therapeutic and spiritual side of the old world, which opens the question of how much it can benefit the new world. Because of the confusion and propaganda surrounding shrooms, many people tend to stay away because of the myths of their effects.

In this article, the truth behind magic mushrooms will be discussed to show that there is no need to fear about doing magic mushrooms.

Is There A Valid Reason To Fear About Doing Magic Mushrooms?

Most people say that magic mushrooms belong to the list of illegal drugs – stating that they are dangerous and too high risk. Scientifically, there’s no need to say so. If you look at the list of common recreational drugs, magic mushrooms are the safest ones for people to consume. In fact, according to the Global Drug Survey made in 2017, only 0.2 percent out of 10,000 people who consumed magic mushrooms has experienced a need for emergency medical treatment after they tried the fungi out.

But, it is also important to take note that magic mushrooms possess chemical compounds; one of them is psilocybin, which is classified as a dangerous substance in most countries’ laws. Though they are technically not scary, legislations usually prohibit the general public to even try.

Why You Should Not Fear About Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms can be intimidating for someone who does not have enough knowledge about them. One thing that can bring fear is unfamiliarity – so in order to beat that, here are some things that you should know about them.

1. Magic mushrooms can give you different feelings and emotions.

The effects of magic mushrooms can hit their consumers so much differently. Their potency can vary depending on fresh they are, what kind of strain they are, the season they grew, and the environment that they came from. But, the standard feelings that you can get from magic mushrooms are some visual and auditory hallucinations. You can see objects becoming shaped. Differently, colors appearing to be brighter, and hearing things that are not really there.

Moreover, taking magic mushrooms can bring you to be feelings of euphoria, excitement, energy, in awe of everything around you, and laughing out loud. On the other hand, going beyond your limits can bring you anxiety, paranoia, and panic. This is why it is important to start with the lowest dose, especially when you are still unsure about your tolerance.

2. Magic mushrooms look just like regular mushrooms.

Magic mushrooms usually look like regular mushrooms, so there can be some possibilities that you might mistake them from poisonous types of mushrooms. The most common types look like small and golden brown colored ones (also known as Liberty Caps) and the red colored caps with some white caps like on the cartoons (also known as Fly Agarics).

If you are feeling unsure, you can purchase fresh and dried magic mushrooms online at Spirit Meds and other dispensaries. You can even purchase edibles, treats, and beverages.

3. You can familiarize yourself with how magic mushrooms taste like.

Usually, magic mushrooms are eaten raw, and their taste can be described as earthy – but with very intense flavors. Their scent is also strong earth notes. Some believe that you can acquire tolerance to this intense taste, but other people just choose to find ways to make consumption much easier.

4. There are various ways you can consume magic mushrooms, and you can choose the method you like best.

Basically, you can decide on chewing fresh or dried magic mushrooms raw. If you feel nauseous, you can opt to mask the taste by dipping the mushroom into some chocolate or through infusing it in tea. You can also acquire some liquid psilocybin, which is extracted from magic mushrooms and made into tinctures.

5. Magic mushrooms can even remove your fear.

There are many studies created that state that magic mushrooms have the power to help in making your brain perform differently. It allows your brain to utilize areas it doesn’t normally, causing its users to feel more open to changes, to trying out new things, removing doubts and inhibitions, and setting new thoughts free.

Tips For Your First Time In Doing Shrooms

Feeling hesitant to consume magic mushrooms is normal if you are still a beginner and have no idea what to expect. When you equip yourself with familiarity with guidelines and other important pieces of information, you will feel more ready to jump on this adventure.

Here are some essential things to know about consuming magic mushrooms.

  1. It is recommended to only use magic mushrooms when you are a minimum of 18 years old. But since human brains differ on their maturity rates, it would be better if you use them once you are 21 years old or order.
  2. Experts suggest taking magic mushrooms when you have someone with you. Preferably, this someone, also called as your trip sitter, must be someone who has prior experience in consuming magic mushrooms but will stay sober throughout to take care of you.
  3. Before you begin a magic mushroom trip, make sure that you are at a good state of mental and physical health. Feeling tired, stressed, or even suffering from the common cold can make your experience become a bad trip.
  4. Should you feel bad and want to lessen the effects, it is important to have sugary drinks and drinking water around, as they can make you feel a little better.
  5. The best way to reap the effects of magic mushrooms is to start on an empty stomach, preferably about two and a half hours after your meal. Upon consumption, you will see the effects within 20 minutes to an hour.
  6. When you begin your trip, make sure that you are in a place that you consider safe and that you are surrounded by people that you trust.
  7. Keep the next 24 hours after your trip free from work schedules or appointments. Use this time to allow the effects to die down and recover from the psychedelic adventure.
  8. Never consume magic mushrooms when you are under the influence of other drugs and alcoholic substances. 

Final Thoughts

Magic mushrooms are nothing to be afraid of. It can be intimidating, just as everything that you do not know usually is. If you are really interested in taking the chance for this, grab the opportunity and make the most of the process. Learn as you go, as you are the only one who knows how much you can take. Relax and follow the psychedelic journey that you will experience. You will be exposed to things that you do not really get the chance to when you are sober, so make the most of the experience and enjoy your thoughts and ideas while under the effects of shrooms.

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