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What Do Shrooms Do To Your Brain: Magical Effects

When you hear the words “magic mushrooms,” the first few things that come to mind are vivid colors, hallucinations, a greater self-awareness, and some intense sounds. But, more than that, there are so many things that magic mushrooms can offer, and they can provide something unique and “magical” to their users.

An Overview Of Magic Mushrooms & Their Effects

In terms of an amazing psychedelic trip, magic mushrooms can offer something indescribable. But, not all trips are created equal, and highs can range from 4 to 8 hours, depending on many different variables. Even with these facts, one thing to note is that magic mushrooms are powerful, no matter how long you experience their effects. When magic mushrooms are studied by researchers and experts, it has been found out through brain imaging tests that the shrooms have power over different functions in the brain.

While you are under the influence of magic mushrooms, you will find that your brain function will be affected, and the weakened logical side will strengthen how emotional you can get. As magic mushrooms make your brain become more interlocked with each other, some closed doors will open, and you will be provided with introspection and consciousness.

At present, they are also being studied for therapeutic purposes. Many scientists are developing studies that magic mushrooms can be used for anxiety, depression, addiction, PTSD, and other similar health conditions. This is through the fungi’s ability to open up the mind and help people understand the way their mind works.

Some Scientific Studies That Relate Magic Mushrooms To The Brain

It was traced to used thousands of years ago that magic mushrooms have been utilized by humans for health and healing. When consumed, the effects of these shrooms manifest within a quick 20 to 60 minutes, thanks to its psilocybin content and some other chemical compounds.

1. According to some research studies created in Imperial College in London, magic mushroom’s psilocybin content connects to the receptor in the brain that handles serotonin. This makes communication between the parts of the brain that do not usually interact.

Through studying different MRI results, people who have psilocybin in their bodies can trigger different connection patterns in mind. When this happens, a person’s mind has lesser constraints and allows clear intercommunication in the mind and body. The doctors who worked on the study shared that these links in the brain result in a unique state of consciousness, which is usually exhibited by consumers as enlightenment and introspection.

2. In another study created in the United Kingdom in 2016, the findings showed that further research could use magic mushrooms as a treatment for depression and related mental illnesses. The reports show that the psilocybin content in the shrooms allows its users to feel a higher level of happiness and making them feel like they are connected to the world – that they matter. Because of these properties that show magic mushrooms can help in lifting a person’s mood, the researchers also suggest using magic mushrooms for patients that are looking for alternative options in dealing with addiction, OCD, and anxiety.

3. A single dose of magic mushrooms can bring the consumer to a colorful and fun psychedelic experience that usually manifests between 4 to 8 hours. But, according to some studies, there are some changes in a person’s neurological make up that can be felt even beyond years. This is mostly exhibited through a study on the consistent creative interest of people who usually never leaned into the arts.

4. Aside from bringing its user to a feeling of being dreamy, the psilocybin content in the brain is also linked to the stimulation of the primal brain areas that hold power over a person’s emotions but weakens the cognitive capabilities. Because of this, people under the influence of psilocybin mushrooms tend to feel an intimate connection to their pure and honest feelings – feelings that are no longer filtered by logic and reason.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you might call magic mushrooms, one thing is for sure – it possesses something magical that can bring a person to the extent that no one can imagine. It opens doors to a wide realm of possibilities. It is truly an exciting thing to see – how science can bring something this unique into the forefront of innovation, with the bottom line being the benefit of mankind.

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