Transkei Cubensis Magic Mushroom


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Transkei Cubensis magic mushroom strain brings so much joy to everyone who consumes it. You might be clingy to it, especially when there’s a reason that you feel under the weather.

It’s an incredible shapeshifter too. You will be enchanted by witnessing the dancing lights, geometric shapes, and eclectic patterns—such as outstanding visual effects.

 As lights twinkle, you will feel tingles that pleasure every part of your body. Giggles come all along naturally, so you are seen as a jolly person.

The surge of energy enters your system, so you are ready to do any activity. You’ll be able to do many things. You can also use it for casual day trips.

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Transkei strain is average in size. The circumference is in pale or white shade.  It has a casing layer that is covered with white mycelium.

Background and Effects of Transkei

Psilocybe had been long forgotten in South Africa until a variety was found in Transkei, Africa, in 2002. So it was named after this African state that is 200 miles away from Durban. It was found like a treasure under a shady tree located in a pasture where the ocean breeze blows.

Every person has different physiology and metabolism. Therefore, responses from person to person differ. The body size and brain chemistry have a significant role in how psilocybin works in your body. Emotional state and surroundings can also change the effects.

When it’s your first time to trip with this shroom, better choose a comfy place. It will take 10 to 40 minutes for the effects to enter your body. The duration will depend on the dose, and it can last for 3 to 6 hours.

Transkei offers an array of effects like euphoria, hyperspatial revelation, mystical ascension, and mind-altering sensations. It’s like you inhaled laughing gas as you giggle without any reason.

There’s also heavy load on the body. ‘Mushroom yawn’ also occurs, and it gives you the much-needed energy. You don’t get sleepy at all. To avoid having side effects, avoid taking it with drugs or alcohol. It’s best to stay hydrated when tripping with the shroom.  If you feel like throwing up, drink ginger honey tea. Pregnant women should pass on having magic mushrooms.

Dosage Guide of Transkei Magic Mushroom 

Two grams of Transkei will bring out time distortion, warping visual ability, and Dali-esque melting objects. You can cut down on dosage when you are a newbie.


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