Golden Emperor Magic Mushroom


Golden Emperor or also known as The Golden Teacher is your happy pill as this magic mushroom can make you giggle with glee. You will have no clue where it’s coming from, but happiness remains within you.

It also introduces you to new things and discoveries unknown to the normal function of senses. It takes your visual capabilities to a different new level as it ignites your creativity to create something like an eccentric circle of infinity.

It’s a great shroom when you go outside and appreciate the beauty of nature. You will feel grateful for everything as the sensations heighten into a cosmic perspective.

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Background and Appearance of Golden Emperor

Golden Emperor goes with another name, which is ‘Golden Teacher’. It was known to the people and its popularity beacons in the ‘70s.

It guides its consumers to spiritual enjoyment, so it’s like a teacher that helps its students to learn new things. So that’s how it got its name.

Another basis of its name is how it appears with a golden cap. Its cap is a bit curved within its fruiting body. 

The cap’s diameter can grow up to 9 cm. Its gills vary in a color that is from whitish to purple-brown. The overall look may show an ashy red cap. 

It is the most common and most popular Psilocybe Cubensis. It carries an air of mystery, so it seems that it can enchant people.

A lot of shroomers and growers are crazy about this magic mushroom.

Golden Emperor Effects

First-timers can start tripping with Golden Emperor since it functions as a teacher. Your first-ever tripping with this shroom will leave a good impression regarding this plant.

Having this magic mushroom is the best way to start your journey in the world of the shroom.

Aside from casual tripping, this variety is lauded for out of this world effects. It shows you the way to attain shamanic experiences and spiritual ascension.

You can get a grip of enlightenment as you can establish a deep connection with the grandeur of nature. It is even used by spiritual healers for the restoration of spirit and mind.

It gives a hallucinogenic effect, which is common among shrooms. It can happen whether you close or open your eyes.

It goes with the energy rush while you have a visionary expedition.

Golden Emperor Dosage

The acceptable dose of this shroom is from 1 to 2.5 grams. Experienced shroomers may view it as a small dose. But there’s a margin for error in these recommended amounts. 


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