B+ Magic Mushroom


 There’s no exclusivity with this B+ magic mushroom as both beginners, and experienced ones are welcome to use it. B+ mushrooms will allow you to experience a pleasant visual trip and the warmest spiritual encounter.

It has been one of the most famous strains since the 1990s because a lot of users are always coming back for more. B+ magic mushroom will let you absorb the euphoric feeling that excites every bit of your muscle. It seems your surroundings have sprung up to life. 

 Art and music are the things it can work on. Your perception and skills will be improved. It will be in terms of personal conviction.

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Background and Appearance of B+ Magic Mushroom Strain

It is an extraordinary magic mushroom that won the heart of many shroomers in this modern time. So its fame expanded. It has been presented to the Shroom community by MR. G. 

It is seen as a large shroom with golden or caramel caps. The thick stems are juicy. It is distinguished as wide and huge caps as it is capable of growing wider.

Effects You Can Expect from B+ Magic Mushroom

Due to the satisfaction shown by its fans, B+ is a top-selling magic mushroom. Users find the effects useful for daily life. It works well as a mood enhancer. You don’t need to have any reason to feel the euphoria and excitement. Sadness can’t bother you. You will have a big smile on your face, so you appear as a joyful person.

 Visual enhancement can be mild or intense. The variation depends on the dosage that a person takes. You will think that your surroundings came to life as they seem to move a lot. It’s like they transformed into humans.

You will have introspective thoughts for the enhancement of creativity. Inspiration for music and art is given. Something unusual will come to life to your surprise.

You’ll be able to do things that you never think of when you’re sober. You would be grateful for the enhanced senses that it gives you. You can make something unique and is yet to be seen.

But don’t be ferocious in its usage as you need to take a little first. You need to do observation first on how your body reacts. 

Dosage Guide for B+ Shroom Strain

The recommended dosage starts with 0.5 grams until 1.5 grams. The moderate dose is in the amount of 2 to 3.5 grams. When taken in moderation, your trip can last up to 3 to 6 hours. 


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