Amazonian Magic Mushroom


The Amazonian magic mushroom strain projects itself as the most potent magic mushroom. If you’re someone who is looking for a spectacular ride of psychedelic effects, this shroom will impress you. 

Even if you’re a newbie, you can try going along its enjoyable trip. You should be in a comfortable place when you take it.

It’s an Amazonian shroom that became popular among shroomers. Who won’t be enthralled to see geometric patterns?

It can be consumed when you just chill with your friends. It can give you the energy and nerve that you need when partying hard.

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Background and Effects of Amazonian

The Amazon jungle in South America has offered its land for this mushroom to flourish. The inhabitants in that area have been cultivating this magic mushroom for several decades. 

This strain is not only about potency, but its appearance is quite pleasing to the eyes. It’s a stunner when it’s not dried. It’s fleshy and thick as it stood with its massive stem. It’s quite solid in an ideal size for a mushroom. It is the second tallest magic mushroom variety. It can stretch up to 30 cm, and the diameter can expand as much as 10 cm. Bright blue color may develop. 

Effects You can Expect from the Amazonian Shroom

The psychedelic effect is crystal clear and clean. This mental intrusion is approved by most shroomers, so they consider it a gift from nature. This shroom is great for any occasion and situation. You can enjoy it alone and with some group of chums. The intense virtual trip will give you a great experience.  But you should use a small dose when you’re at a party. Beginners should also consider the same thing.

 Its mental effects can also gear you up for outdoor activities. If you go hiking, you may feel that you are united with nature while you are enchanted by its beauty.

 You will feel unexpectedly satisfied like you are one with things that surround you. It’s what introspective thoughts can do to you.

Amazonian Magic Mushroom Dosage

The recommended dose of this magic mushroom is based on its dried version. You can have 1 to 2.5 cm pieces of this dried shroom at a time. It’s advised to start with small doses first and observe the response from your body before adding up. 


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