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Magic Mushroom Trip Guide for Beginners

magic mushroom trip guide for beginners

One of the oldest and safest ways to reach a psychedelic experience that has been used for centuries all over the world is consuming magic mushrooms. It has been present in many traditional medicine techniques and comes with various medical and spiritual uses, as many people utilize this as a tool used to achieve healing and growth.

Are you interested in trying them out for yourself? In this article, you will be able to check out some tips in consuming magic mushrooms to make the most of your first trip.

Magic Mushrooms: A Brief Overview

There are about 200 different magic mushrooms species all over the world, but it all boils down to two chemical components: psilocybin and psilocin. These are two compounds that produce a psychedelic effect, and they are seen as compounds that have the power to alter the response of the serotonin receptors throughout the brain and the body.

In terms of addiction, magic mushrooms are not addictive, and they are the type of substances that reduces their effect and intensity with repeated usage. They also do not offer any form of overdose, and they have been proven to be safer in comparison to alcohol, anti-depressants, and tobacco.

How Can A Magic Mushroom Trip Be Described?

With magic mushrooms, the first thing that you can expect is a distortion on how your senses can perceive things, somewhat similar to how hallucinogens work. For average doses, you will end with this. But, for higher dosages, you will experience more intense hallucinations, providing spiritual effects that can lead the user to get lost in an entirely different world.

With lower doses, you can compare to the effects of being high on some cannabis sativa strains. You start to see things clearer, and some colorful objects seem to be more vivid and bright. Then, you will feel a general sense of euphoria, like you want to laugh hard and giggle most of the time. Some will also experience auditory hallucinations, like sounds echoing over and over again or hearing sounds that were not even there in the first place.

If you ever decide to eat, you might also experience an altering of the flavors. As your taste buds feel much more intense, the textures and flavors of the food go into a whole new level. The thoughts that enter your minds will be different, and the filters that usually make your thoughts more safe sets all of your other thoughts free. More than that, you will also experience your ideas flowing freely without additional effort.

If you take the right amount of dosage for you, you will also notice that when you close your eyes, you will be able to witness dreams that are full of life and engulfing your senses through something that looks as beautiful as a movie.

Tips & Tricks To Ensure That Your Magic Mushroom Trip Will Be A Good One

1. Do not combine magic mushrooms with other substances.

Never allow yourself to fall into a trap where you mix in magic mushrooms with alcohol, weed, and other kinds of drugs. This is because magic mushrooms are already overwhelming on their own, and going beyond that will just bring you to a possible bad trip. More than that, magic mushrooms mixed with other drugs can lead to anxiety, panic, and nausea.

2. Consume magic mushrooms on an empty stomach.

Before you schedule a magic mushroom trip, you should not eat any meal for at least three hours. This is done to ensure that you will absorb the shrooms in a better and quicker way. Moreover, having a quicker absorption time will eliminate the possibility of having trouble with nausea.

3. Have a trip sitter and stay in a safe, tripping environment.

The thing about magic mushrooms is that you never know what the actual effects will manifest to be. This is why it is important to have a trip sitter with you – someone who will stay sober while you are under the influence. This should be someone that you can trust that will take care of you effectively and will care for your well-being.

Additionally, you should also be in a safe place. In case you will experience a bad trip, it would be best if you are in a place that you are familiar with and are comfortable.

How Many Magic Mushrooms Should I Take For My First Try?

For magic mushrooms, experts recommend to go low and go slow on your first time. This is special because you are still unaware of how sensitive your body is in response to psilocybin and psilocin. That being said, the most common starting dose is about ¼ grams of magic mushrooms. This is a very light dose with minimal effects. This is what would give you a little alteration in your senses – things that will not really disrupt your daily activities.

For an actual tripping experience, the usual dose ranges from 1 gram to 2 ½ grams. In this type of dosage, you will physical effects and experience full-blown visual and auditory hallucinations. At this point in time, you might notice your heart rate and blood pressure increase, as well as the dilation of your pupils. You will also feel your thought processes being aligned to a certain degree. Your emotions will heighten, and you might be able to reach enlightenment.

How Many Magic Mushrooms Should I Purchase On The First Try?

Magic mushrooms are usually brought by the gram or ounces. It is important to get your stash from someone trustworthy, perhaps a reliable local dealer or a reputable online magic mushroom store. If you are just curious and are just trying out, you will just need about 1/8 ounce of dried magic mushrooms. So, go for this amount or the closest to that, as that would be enough for the first time.

Final Thoughts

Magic mushrooms can bring you to a recreational delight, a unique adventure, or it can be a therapeutic relief to some of your struggles. Trying them out for the first time is something that is quite special, so it would be best to educate yourself thoroughly and prepare for the unexpected for an absolute good time.

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