Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase magic mushrooms?

There are two ways to purchase our products. Online and offline.


1. Browse our website so you can decide on what you will purchase. Click the item that you want to get.

2. Select the quantity and weight of the item including the predefined pricing. You’ll be able to add the item once you have clicked on those things.

3. To review your order, you can go to the cart page. You may remove or add some products and once you finalize your order, you can click check out.

4. The checkout page needs your contact and shipping information. There are designated areas for them. You have to confirm your payment method on the same page.

5. Instructions are provided to guide you with the payment when you place your order. 

6. The order is processed for shipment once the payment is confirmed.


Ordering offline should be paid by cash through the mail. The processing of offline orders takes more time than the ones done online.

But it’s the choice for buyers who don’t have Interac for the payment. It’s also the way for individuals who want to keep their information private. Some people want to process the transaction offline.

1. You need an offline order form to get started. You can print it out. If it’s not possible for you, you may use a paper and a pen.

2. The form should state your orders, the total amount of the items and the complete shipping details. You can include promo code if there is any. 

3. Send the cash payment together with the order form. It should be in the exact amount. You have to wrap it properly by using tin foil.

It’s best that you send it by registered mail to ensure its arrival and you can track down if it was delivered or not. Regular mail requires more time. Check payment does not apply.

4. The address on where you will send your order is on the order form.

5. When the mail with order and payment is received, shipment is processed right away.

  • People who are 19 years old and above are allowed to access the site.
  • You can pay through Interac e-transfer or by cash payment and bitcoin. No other methods are considered.
  • It’s much safer to order from us than the ‘shroom guy’ that you can find on the street. Aside from maintaining the freshness of the products, we vacuum sealed your order for additional security. 

  • The packages that contain your orders are under CanadaPost Corporation Act. It means that cops don’t need to deliver nor seize the package unless it brings danger to national security. 

  • Spirit Meds has been in this business since 2012. There’s never a single chance that a customer had trouble with the cops because of ordering from us. 

  • You can place your order on our website any time you want. There’s no need to create an account if you find it inconvenient.
  • Everything that you provided is kept in secrecy. Your shipping information is solely used for the shipping process. 
  • When you send payment via Interac e-transfer, we need a few hours to confirm it. When there’s a difference or some mistakes with your order form details, you can contact or send us an email.
  • You can correct the details by showing your billing or e-transfer information. You can also confirm with us the order number of EMT that you paid for.
  • It’s our priority to provide the best experience of purchasing magic mushrooms online. We were able to maintain our good reputation through word of mouth for several years.
  • We started our operation as a private, invite-only website. But since the customers and demand are growing, we tried to figure out an effective way to serve the general public of Canada.
  • We rely on the service of CanadaPost for shipping and delivery. Every Spirit Meds package is sent through XpressPost shipping.
  • There’s no need to pay for the shipping fee if you purchased $200 and more. The shipping fee is $20 for orders with a total amount of $199 and below.
  • It comes from Vancouver, Canada.
  • It’s not possible at the moment. 
  • Unfortunately, it’s not possible. 
  • Yes. Once order and payment are both confirmed, we can proceed with the shipment. The cut off time for receiving orders is at 3:30 pm PST.
  • The orders with confirmed payment that were processed after the cut off time will be shipped the next day.
  • If you’re within local and regional destinations, it would only take one business day. Two business days are needed for national destinations.
  • They are based on the estimates given by CanadaPost. The duration usually applies within major urban cities.
  • The time needed for the delivery is also based on destination, origin, weather and other factors.
  • We are careful about the shipping address. We will provide you with a tracking number so you can monitor your package online.
  • Once the package is shipped, we don’t have the control over it as it’s being carried by CanadaPost. So far, there’s no reported cases of stolen and lost items. Only delays occurred because of an incorrect address and zip code mismatch.
  • You have the option to pay extra $1 for full liability coverage of the package. There will be a delivery certificate that shows the name and signature of the receiver.
  • You are guaranteed free reshipping in case the package is stolen or lost.
  • It’s not a requirement to use your real name when you order from us. It’s not advisable too in some cases.
  • You can use aliases or nicknames but not the suspicious ones as there’s a possibility that it might not be delivered to you. It applies when your package’s size can fit the mailbox.
  • There’s no need for you to sign. Just check your mailbox then you can see your package in there.
  • But if it won’t fit, you will only get ‘For Pick Up’ note.
  • If the package is bigger than your mailbox, a note will be left in there. You will be requested to go to the post office to claim your package.
  • In this situation, you need to use your real name to be able to show proof that you’re the receiver.