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How Experts Respond to the Question – Do Shrooms Make Your Brain Bleed?

do shrooms make your brain bleed

Magic mushrooms have their share of controversy because, like other illicit substances, they are filled with mystery, and people have different perceptions about them.  One of the things that make rounds in curious people’s conversations is that magic mushrooms can make your brain bleed. Is there a truth hiding behind this myth? Do magic mushrooms make your brain bleed? What do magic mushrooms do to a person’s brain? Keep reading to learn more.

Do Magic Mushrooms Make A Person’s Brain Bleed?

One of the urban legends that circle among beginner magic mushroom users is the statement that magic mushrooms can make the user’s brain bleed. Unfortunately, there are no proofs in this type of claim. In fact, this false belief may just have been propaganda that was spread by people who are afraid of drugs. It must have spread out to different people and a few generations because people love sharing stories that they have a word – even without any semblance to the truth.

What Does Magic Mushrooms Actually Do To Your Brain?

  1. Magic Mushrooms Induce Hallucinations.

If you talk to any magic mushroom enthusiast, one thing that they will surely tell you is that they experience visual and auditory hallucinations while they are under the influence of shrooms. According to a study that was published in the Royal Society Publishing last 2014, this occurs because magic mushroom’s psilocybin content can affect how different brain networks interact with each other.

In their study, they gave their respondents 2 milligrams worth of magic mushrooms and observed how their minds work. The findings show that activity was detected in areas of the brain that was not really active or rarely interacted with other networks.

  1. Magic Mushrooms Can Be Studied For Depression Treatment.

According to David Nutt, who is a neuroscientist from Imperial College London, the brain activity patterns of people change when they are under the influence of magic mushrooms. In some areas of the brain, the activities become more pronounced. On the other hand, some areas get so much weaker.

Now, looking at patients with depression, their brains are known to become overconnected with each other. But, magic mushrooms can help to loosen these overabundant connections and allow the brain to create better ones – eventually providing them with relief.

  1. Magic Mushrooms Might Be Helpful In Relieving Anxiety.

In another study created by experts, this time from New York University, the effects of magic mushrooms on the anxiety of cancer patients were observed. The findings that they discovered state that most of the receivers of the magic mushrooms mention that they felt like they were brought into a unique emotional adventure that makes them see something that is way bigger than themselves.

More than that, the recipients of the magic mushrooms state that in their trips, they realized that they are so many things happening in the universe – that their stresses, defenses, and insecurities should not be something that they should be about – that life is something more.

The researchers state that these findings can be researched more, as it has great potential in including magic mushrooms in the mental healing process.

  1. Magic Mushrooms Can Make You Feel Relaxed.

Magic mushrooms can bring its users to feeling relaxation and a general good feeling based on a study created by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It can be compared to how cannabis works when consumed in lower doses. This feeling is known to manifest through the connection of the chemical components of the magic mushrooms to the highways on the neural framework of the brain that interacts with serotonin receptors. 

More than that, magic mushrooms have the capacity to affect the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which means it can affect a person’s perception, mood, thought analysis, and abstract thinking.

Final Thoughts

Magic mushrooms can be found worldwide and have been part of humanity for so long. There is no denying that though there are many supporters, there are still many people who feel cynical about them. Though you might hear some rumors and myths about how magic mushrooms work, the best thing to do is to consult with experts to verify them and know the real deal.

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