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Why Drying Magic Mushrooms is a Perfect Choice

You will find magic mushrooms in the best condition after you harvested them. The potency is great as there’s an ample amount of psilocybin, a psychoactive substance that you can possibly. Another similar substance called psilocin is very sensitive, and it’s gone once it is oxidized or exposed to the air.

The substance that gives you the psychedelic high should be protected from too much heat too. Drying needs heat, but not too much that it almost destroys the substances. It is still the recommended process for you to store magic mushrooms.

Reasons Why Drying Magic Mushrooms is a Perfect Choice

1. Potency

When you measure magic mushrooms in gram, the dried form is more powerful than the fresh ones. The latter contains 90% moisture. Therefore, you only need 10% when you choose to ingest the dried mushroom. 

2. For Preservation Purpose

Once the magic mushrooms are dried, it is ready for storage, and you need some things to help you preserve them in a reasonable amount of time. Fresh mushrooms can be stored in a vacuum packing for just 2 to 3 weeks. But with the dried ones, you can do better than this.

You can also use a vacuum pack for dried magic mushrooms and let them rest in the refrigerator. They will be good for up to 3 months. A storage container with a silica gel at the bottom is another great way of preservation.

There are other processes like desiccation or the use of silica gel that can make it last for a year or more.

3. Adding Magic Mushrooms to Any Kind of Dish and Drinks

When the dried magic mushrooms are ground, you have it as a powder. It is like a powdered spice, but the only difference is that it doesn’t make a difference to the taste of any dish. What you’ll get is a psychedelic ride. 

When adding ground magic mushrooms, you have to avoid doing it during the cooking stage when the heat is on the rise. Heat can kill the important substance that brings out the psychoactive effects, and it’s called psilocybin. 

You can sprinkle it on top of some dishes like a garnish. When the dish is ready for devouring, it’s the time that you can add the powder magic mushrooms. The level of heat won’t destroy the substances for the trip that you desire for.

The whole dried piece of magic mushroom can also be used like any other mushroom, but you have to be aware of the dose based on the weight. You can pour hot water on it, so it softens, then you can add the pieces to your soup or other dishes.

When it comes to drinks, there are tea and juices made of citrus fruits. Tea is made from the pulverized mushrooms, and you don’t have to make it by using water that reached the boiling point. You should always remember that heat can make this mushroom useless as it kills the psychoactive substances. It’s a very important tip when you associate magic mushrooms to food.

In the case of fruit juice, you can use lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit. You simply need to add the powder mushroom and stir then drink.

Citrus fruits contain acid that can quicken the setting in of the effects. It’s the reason why this kind of fruit is selected. But it clings on the saying, ‘Easy come, easy go.’ Since the effects come quickly, it also leaves your system in haste.

4. Avoiding the Earthy Taste 

There are some consumers who would tend to feel nauseous when eating magic mushrooms raw. But the disliking starts with how the taste bud reacts from it. These instances will be minimized when mushrooms are dried, especially if you turn them into powder.

5. Source of Microdosing

Microdosing is taking a tenth or fifteenth of a drug based on its average recommended dose. This way of taking a drug in a small amount is a fad nowadays. This method is great for users who want to use magic mushrooms as a supplement.

With the intense effects of this mushroom on a person’s brain, taking a break is essential for this part of the body. It’s not recommended to take it regularly as there would be a tolerance build-up. You can schedule your microdosing with magic mushrooms every 3 or 4 days. 

It is done in the form of gel capsules that are filled with ground, dried mushrooms. The doses can be different as it depends on the weight of mushrooms that is inside the capsule. 


Drying magic mushrooms is a perfect choice due to many reasons, such as prolonging its life and more convenient and more effective methods of use. It’s also a way of avoiding the taste as some individuals find it unpleasant.

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Best Dried Magic Mushrooms Dish Cooking Guide

Cooking dried magic mushrooms could be done as a whole and in powder form. Unlike ordinary mushrooms, you won’t only think about the taste when you incorporate it with some dishes. The other concern that you have to think of is important, psychoactive substances. You should ensure that you don’t destroy those things as you cook.

Better enjoy the food while you get the trip from magic mushrooms. Mixing them with other food will make you forget about the flavor as it won’t overpower another taste. So, you should best know the right steps when you cook with them. 

Keeping an Eye on the Dose

Given that you know how to dose based on your tolerance, you would have the right judgment on your movements when you’re in the kitchen. Even it’s with the food; it is still recommendable to dose low. 

You can go for more but expect to end up in a dreamy state that you are unprepared for. If you stick with a low dose, you can still continue having a conversation over dinner. When it’s time to go to bed, you can rest and be mesmerized with the trip on your own.

When you overdose, there will be a higher chance of nausea. Instead of enjoying the food, you will scamper away for the toilet. 

Thinking About Your Stomach

You must think about your stomach, whether you have a magic mushroom on your main meal, dessert, or some sugary treats. Remember that one of the side effects of this mushroom is nausea. 

There are other kinds of food that go inside your stomach with the magic mushroom at the same time. Ginger, for one, has the ability to prevent yourself from feeling sick, so it’s good to add this as a flavoring. To block nauseous feeling, you can depend on lemon and mint. 

You can make a twist on your dishes by adding these ingredients. It’s best that there are some things that can prevent any side effects from magic mushrooms.

It’s also advisable to start with light food for your magic mushroom-infused meal. Your stomach processes not only the usual stuff but psilocybin as well, which is the psychoactive compound from the mushroom.

You can have dosed confectionery first like gummy bears. Whip some fruits to make smoothies and sprinkle some magic mushroom powder. A meal of mashed potatoes and pepper steak is also great. You don’t have to be in a hurry to have all of the food that you eat getting dosed.

How to Clean Magic Mushrooms 

Whether you choose to eat magic mushrooms as raw or slice them up for some dishes, you need to clean them. It’s especially necessary when you went picking in the wild as you may have found them in the dung. You would need to do it too, even though you’ve grown them yourself.

It’s straightforward to clean the magic mushrooms. Let cold water run over them and pat them dry with a paper towel. The water won’t do anything with the potency as mushrooms quickly absorb it. You also have the option to wipe them with a damp paper towel.

You can also get a mushroom brush. It is a culinary tool with a brush that is stiff enough to remove the dirt but won’t affect the flesh. 

Whole Piece of Magic Mushroom

Dried magic mushrooms are done for preservation. So you may want to just take out a few of them for cooking. 

Since they’re dried, you have to rehydrate them. The three important things you have to consider are temperature, time, and the kind of liquid you pour onto the mushrooms. For instance, if you put them in the water, some psychoactive substances will seep out and mix with water. 

The hotter the liquid, the quicker they will soften. The warm liquid would only give a less firm texture to the mushrooms. Again, you have to always remember to save the psychoactive compounds. To do it right, let the mushrooms stay in the not so hot water for 20 to 30 minutes. It can triple the size, and you’ll get the exact firmness.

The water that you used to rehydrate the mushrooms shouldn’t be put to waste. You can use it to make soup or risotto. There are other recipes you can slice up these mushrooms and start munching.

Pulverized Dried Magic Mushrooms

The pulverized dried magic mushrooms can be used in so many ways. You can sprinkle them on some dishes like pasta and pizza. But you can always make your creativity stand out. Some would mix it with some crackers and chips.

It’s a great addition to drinks too. You can make tea out of it. It can also be added to some juices. Adding it to juices made from citrus fruits like lemon, orange, lime, and grapefruit can give you a quick onset but shorter duration of effects. 

What you Must Know When Cooking with Acidic Ingredients

The psychedelic starts when psilocybin is converted to psilocin. The acid in the stomach helps with this process. We can find acid in some foods too, and it can cause the same reaction.

Some foods with acidic content are citrus fruits, milk, coffee, and tomato sauce. You can find testimonies from consumers that the trip came faster and gone quicker when they put dried magic mushrooms in lemon juice. 

You should always remember that when you add magic mushrooms to dishes with acidic content, the effects will come quickly. Be prepared, and it won’t last for too long.

Final Words

It’s fun to associate magic mushrooms to your cooking as it’s not the usual regimen. You have to consider many things like not losing the active compounds. You won’t only enjoy a meal, but you will open the door to an out of this world trip. 

There are simple recipes being shown to you for whole dried mushrooms as well as the ground version. But they won’t stop you from being creative. You can add them to different foods and dishes as the taste won’t be altered.

Try making your own dish now! Get premium dried magic mushrooms here!

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Dried Magic Mushrooms: Preparation Guide

Magic mushrooms won’t stay for too long after picking them. It’s impossible to maintain its freshness, but what matters most is keeping potency for the psychedelic ride. Good thing that you can keep the important psychoactive substances, psilocin, and psilocybin by drying them out. 

There are different methods of drying magic mushrooms, and each of them equates to the period on which they can remain fine for consumption. Doing it by yourself will ensure that you make your supply last longer.

Different Methods of Drying Magic Mushrooms

1. Pre-drying

This process gets rid of excess moisture from the magic mushrooms, and it’s the way to protect them from getting molds. These mushrooms contain 95% water, so they won’t be in a fresh state for too long. 

There are two methods of pre-drying phase:

1. Put the magic mushrooms on the plate and let a piece of cloth to provide covering. Then you can make the plate rest in a sunny window with the provision of necessary ventilation. 

2. If there’s no presence of the sun, a fan will be handy. It would be the same thing with the shrooms on the plate as the fan blows on it. 

Both of these methods need a few hours to come up with magic mushrooms that are wrinkled and leathery. This form is only good for a short period of storing. It would last up to several weeks. 

Pre-drying is a pre-requisite of the following methods.

2. Desiccant

If you want to obtain cracker-dry mushrooms that can last a year or more, you should settle for this method. It can be expensive, and you would have a large number of magic mushrooms. However, you will be given an easy alternative for you to get the outcome of this process. 

Get to Know Desiccant

It is something that you use to absorb water in the atmosphere, just like silica gel, which is the common source. This kind of gel is used for industrial packaging and to keep some food dry. 

You can make your own desiccant which is environment-friendly and cost-efficient. Baking Epsom salt from the local pharmacy is what you need to do. Here’s an explanation of why you need Epsom salt.

Epsom salt is made of MgS04-7H20. In this chemical compound, there’s water (H20), as you can see, so there are seven water molecules. It forms Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate, which allows water molecules to evaporate when it’s baked. So you will only be left with MgS04. 

MgS04 gas has a nature of wanting to retrieve the seven water molecules. It will vacuum the water it can find from the atmosphere until saturation takes place. So when the magic mushrooms make contact with MgS04, the water that it contains will be dissolved.

Before you can proceed to bake your Epsom salt, you need to finish the pre-dry process first. 

Using Epsom Salt for Desiccant

After pre-drying and getting the most amount of water but the mushrooms are not cracker-dry like what desiccant can do, you can proceed to your main goal. You can make it at home, and you need to collect these things:

Epsom salt or Magnesium Sulfate

Airtight container


Baking tray


Steps to follow:

1. Spread the Epsom salt in one-cm thickness on the baking tray.

2. The oven should be preheated around 204 – 250 degrees. It will be better if you get near 250 degrees. 

3. You can then place the tray with Epsom salt in the oven and bake it for 2 hours. The moisture within magic mushrooms is taken away.

4. Ahydrous Magnesium Sulfate will start to collect moisture in the air once you get them out of the oven. You don’t need to wait for it to cool down to hammer and break what you baked into small pieces. If not, it will turn into a solid cake.

Once they’re broken apart, place the pieces into an airtight container. It’s okay if they are still hot. 

There’s no need to worry about re-humidifying the Epsom salt, but you need to be quick with your actions. Doing all of these things will make you secure your home-made desiccant.

The Last Necessary Step

Once you have the home-made desiccant, you can thoroughly dry the magic mushrooms.

Tools you Need:

Home-made Epsom desiccant

Pre-dried magic mushrooms

Plastic container with an airtight light (It should have enough space to hold all of the mushrooms and the desiccant.)

Metal mesh

Paper towel

Steps to follow:

1. The bottom layer of the plastic container is the desiccant. 

2. You have to cover the desiccant with a paper towel. 

3.  You can make a platform as the holder of the mushrooms over the paper towel by bending the metal mesh. It should be done on the sides and place of the container. 

It’s necessary so the mushrooms won’t touch the desiccant. You don’t want to take any risk in this situation.

4. You can put your mushrooms atop the metal mesh.

5. Close the container by turning the airtight lid.

6. The desiccant will begin to sip the moisture from the mushrooms. The importance of an airtight container is due to the function of desiccant. It only needs to collect moisture from the air inside the container and the mushrooms.

You can monitor every other day to check the mushrooms’ level of dryness. Try to bend a piece, and when it snaps, it’s what you call cracker dry. It’s ready for long term storage in a dry, dark place. 

3. Drying Magic Mushrooms with Silica Gel

Drying magic mushrooms with silica gel would give you the crisp of a cookie. If you want to skip on the making of Epsom salt, it’s another resort. Make sure you get a non-toxic silica gel and free from cobalt chloride. 

You need:

400 grams of Silica gel

A cardboard, glass jar or small chest


Steps to follow:

1. Place the newspaper at the bottom part of the case of your choice. It can be cardboard, a glass jar, or a small chest.

The next layer is the silica gel then add more pieces of paper for you to put the mushrooms on top of it. Be very careful not to touch the silica gel.

2. Close the case or the container, and don’t move it. Moving the box from time to time can let the humidity escape. The outside humidity will go inside, and it will slow the process. Leave it for 48 hours.

3. After 48 hours, check the appearance of the silica gel. The color changes into a dark green shade from the original orange color. When it shows a dry color, it means that the magic mushrooms are completely dried.

There’s a need to have a regular check-up as the mushrooms can be dried without allowing the silica gel to use up its capacity. 

You can keep your silica gel for future use. You can use its properties again by exposing it to sunlight or putting it in an oven with the temperature around 120 to 160 degrees Celsius. But it will come to the point that it’s depreciated and you need to buy a new one.

4. Drying with Freon

Freon is a dust-removal product, and it can also make the air conditioner cool. It can be used to dry magic mushrooms too. Drying your mushrooms with this thing is way faster than the previous methods.

What you need:

A canister of Freon-based dust removal

Weighing scale


Ziploc bags

Steps to follow:

1. You need to preheat the oven at 38 degrees Celsius or 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

2.  Put the mushrooms in the oven, and it needs 10 to 15 minutes or until they become dry and crispy. Make sure you don’t expose them to too much heat.

3. Take out the mushrooms from the oven.

4. You need to place the mushrooms in each unit, which is equivalent to a unit of 5 grams. Each unique is good for a single dose.

5. Put the doses in the Ziploc bag.

6. You need to flatten the Ziploc bag and insert the nozzle of the Freon container. Zip the bag as far as it goes.

7. You have to inflate the bag around 75% full. Close and shake it. You need to leave an opening and let the gas out. Once the air vacates the bag, it will be the Freon’s turn for occupation. It needs to be done 6 or 7 times.

8. It’s time to take off the nozzle and fold, starting from the lower end of the bag to release the gas.

9. You have to completely seal the bag.

10. Do the same steps with other bags.

You can get a bigger plastic bag and put the Ziploc bags in it so you can make two layers filled with Freon. It is to block moisture and make the mushrooms’ life longer. 

Every time you get a Ziploc bag and open it, you have to re-blast it with Freon. The products from Freon can be good until 12 to 18 months.

5. Using a Food Dehydrator

If you’re not sure of the heat from the oven, you can purchase a food dehydrator to help you get drying magic mushrooms done. You will need the following things:

Food dehydrator

Chopping board

Sharp knife

Steps to follow:

1. Wash the magic mushrooms thoroughly as you should shake off the false belief that mushrooms absorb all the water that touches them. Don’t soak them as you only need to wash them. You can use a vegetable brush and apply light pressure when using the tool.

Cut any bad sections or parts of the mushrooms by a knife. Don’t cut off too much as you will put them into waste. Slice the mushrooms for drying about 1/8-inch thick.

2. The dehydrator has a tray where you will place your sliced mushrooms. You have to leave space for around a single piece as they lie on the tray for air circulation. It’s vital for the drying process. Don’t let the pieces overlap each other.

When your arrangement is made, you can put the tray back to the dehydrator. Don’t let the pieces of magic mushrooms move even a little, so it’s necessary to be extra careful. 

3. The dehydrator does the main job for you. You can check the instructions of the manufacturer, but you will likely dry the mushrooms in 105 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The drying process will take 4 to 6 hours, and it depends on how thick you cut the mushrooms. It’s done if there’s no sponginess when you press them, and they appear crispy.


You have been given ideas on different methods of drying magic mushrooms. You have enough guides to follow the method that works best for you and the one that is convenient for you. 

It’s important that you do the steps properly as the life and potency of the magic mushrooms are at stake. Dried magic mushrooms should be left to cool down before you can place them in the container.